Thursday, May 23, 2024

A New Kitchen for the Charming Cottage

The kitchen in the this house was the thing that we disliked the most while living there.  It had low 30" countertops, no exhaust fan and no dishwasher.  It desperately needed an update!

Now that we had installed new electrical, plumbing and insulation, it was time for the cabinetry to go in.   The goal was to create a more functional kitchen with modern conveniences and more storage space.

The guys quickly got the base cabinets in place and then started on the uppers.

When I'm installing a white kitchen, I always like to warm it up a bit with natural wood.  For this kitchen , Kyle made a custom white oak cover for the vent hood (and an oak shelf for the microwave on the opposite wall).

And of course details make all the difference - like this crown molding.  I always like to ensure the cabinetry has this finishing detail to make it truly custom.

You really notice all the updates as the house starts to come together.  As you walk in the front door, the changes we've made - widening the kitchen doorway, adding the bright mini-mudroom and eliminating the foyer wall - result in a bright, dramatically different space!

They've templated for countertops and now we'll wait a few weeks for them to arrive, but I the meantime, I'm already loving the updates! 

Kitchen Now

Kitchen Before

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  1. It looks fantastic, so light and spacious. I love the new kitchen windows!


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