Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Getting Started - Asbestos Remediation

First things first - and of course safety is at the top of our list of things to fix.  Before we do anything else in the house, we want to get the asbestos removed.  The duct work has asbestos tape on every joint in the basement and we don’t want anyone working down there until it’s been remediated. 

But it’s a big job – it took almost a week for the Safe Environmental Solutions  crew to get it all out and contained.  They had to carefully wrap each joint to keep the tape contained, before removing the pipe. And much of it was in hard to reach areas in a low crawl space - not a fun job!

Special tape securely fastens the asbestos to the pipe

And as luck would have it, the ductwork upstairs was completely encased in asbestos!!  So they had to remove those as well.

As usual, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection stopped by to do a spot inspection.  But of course we had followed all the rules and were in fine shape for their inspection.

By the time they were done, we had a trailer load of asbestos waste for the landfill!  With a nice empty basement.   

Now it will be safe for all the trades to work down there – not to mention there is a LOT more space to work (there is so much ledge rock!!!  Crazy!)

Lots of open space with no asbestos!!!  (and look at those old tree trunk posts!)

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