Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Storm Damage - Once in a Generation Storm

We had a great time getting away and seeing the grandkids during the holidays, but now that we're back in town, we needed to assess what the big pre-Christmas storm did to the house.

It wasn't pretty.  The awning which we always guessed helped shield the glider windows from big storms, was ripped completely off the house.  

We found it clear across the lawn! 

And without the awning, the windows (which didn't close very well) let a lot of water in.  It was dried up by the time we got back, but the water stains were clearly visible on the floor.  I haven't gotten up the nerve to rip up the floor protection to see how the wood floors fared.  I'm hoping the floor protection did its job!

One of the back doors was blown in from the storm.  This is an oversize door and was already a bit fragile - so it was no match to the 70 mph winds.  But it was a bit of a shock to see it torn apart.

The basement flooded - but we've had that happen with all the big storms, so that wasn't particularly unusual.

And we lost some shingles from the vestibule roof.  That needs some immediate attention!

All in all, compared with some damage we've seen in the area we got off pretty lucky.  We'll just add this to our list of things to be fixed during the renovation!  And hope that it really is another generation that faces the next storm like this one!

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