Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Creating a Bathroom in a Bungalow Dormer

We're making lots of updates to this Basic Bungalow, but the biggest is creating a primary suite in what was originally an unfinished attic.  That involved adding 2 large dormers, to provide more living space, light and ventilation.  The larger dormer will be the new bedroom space.  And the smaller dormer will create a bathroom.  

I really want to make this bath special.  It's got great 'bones'.  The big engineered beam that holds up the gabled ceiling will be clad in reclaimed lumber.  And that angled ceiling gives the room so much character!  There are two awning windows that can remain open to provide air circulation, even on a rainy day (and we've had quite a few of them lately).  
This is entirely new space - created by adding a dormer in the hip roof.

But beyond the bones of the room, it will have lovely finishes.  The inspiration for the room is William Morris (one of my all time favorite designers, he's often called the Father of Arts & Crafts design).  I'm using his thistle pattern fabric for window treatments.  

You can't go wrong with William Morris designs

And that deep blue will be highlighted on the back of the shower with these glass tiles.  They'll provide a pop of color to the room.  The shower will have a custom glass door surrounding it.  And the print from the Victoria & Albert exhibit will go on the wall.

The floor?  Well I am absolutely crazy about this marble floor, with its 3 shades of marble hexagons.  It's a real show stopper!
The floor has started to get installed - swoon swoon!!!

Once the floor is complete, we'll install this vanity.   The natural wood will compliment the reclaimed wood beam on the ceiling with its natural finish.  And don't you love that sink?
Photo:  Wayfair

We've started all the finishing touches in the bathroom.  Hopefully I'll have some more progress shots to share soon.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Amazing as always, you have SUCH an eye!! I gasped at the glass shower tiles. Gorgeous.


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