Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Vintage Style - Lighting Plan

One of the goals of this project was to honor the vintage charm of this house.  Bungalows are such a wonderful part of the American architectural story, it would be a shame to turn it into something sleek and modern looking.  It needs to retain its original style.  

But we didn't have any original lighting in the house.  Much of it looked like 50's or 60's style - with pull chains, since there weren't many wall switches.  So I started looking around for something that would be appropriate to the age of the house.

For the existing bedrooms, I came across these fantastic glass shades on Etsy.  Don't you love the sunflower style?  They're super heavy with both frosted and shiny glass elements.  I don't know how old they are, but they have that vintage charm I was looking for.

They came from different sellers - one with mounting hardware, the other sold just the shade.  But I knew Brian at the Lamp Repair Shop in South Portland could help me.  He crafted another hanger, so both lights will look the same.  

For the little hallway to the bedrooms, there was a sconce with an electrical outlet built in - which is a no-no for modern building codes.  So I did some searching and came across this vintage style light.  Isn't it pretty?

These pendants will be great over the farmhouse sink.

And the piece de resistance?  The dining room chandelier.  I found this at Home Remedies and knew it would be perfect.  It's part of the William Morris collection and features his design cut into the metal shade.  It will also cast such a pretty pattern on the walls!

While I love all these vintage style lights, I also want good lighting for everyday living.  So in most of the house we've included recessed lighting that will be on dimmers to provide whatever light levels the new owners want.

Lighting is one of the very last elements to get installed as we finish the house, so it will be awhile before they all get hung.  But it's fun to start pulling them out of the boxes to visualize them in the space! #easilyentertained

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