Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Outdoor Living Space - A New Deck!

COVID has made all of us value outdoor living space more than we did in the past.  I know the deck at our house felt like a lifeline to spend time with family and friends when it didn't feel safe to be indoors.  And now that we've all spent more time outdoors, we just seem to want more and more of it! 

So while this house had an okay little deck - the wood was really tired and it could be bigger to provide an extension of the living space.  And since we need to add stairs to the new back door, it suddenly made sense to just extend it to provide a nice big deck.

Deck - Before

A huge plus is that it's right off of the French doors from the dining room, so it's easy access - whether you're grilling something for dinner, having an al fresco meal or just want to hang out. (you do have a view of the ugly garage, but spoiler alert, that should be changing soon 😀)

So here's a sneak peek of the progress.  See how big it is, by extending all the way to the end of the house?  Such a nice feature for the new homeowners!

It will be trimmed out in PVC, so no maintenance!!  And the lattice should help keep any critters from making a home under the deck. 

Railing and stairs will wait a few more weeks - so they won't get damaged

We started using this composite decking at our last project.  It's made right in Biddeford, Maine so it has a low carbon footprint.  And it's super durable.  I've heard from folks in the neighborhood that used it - and they said it really held up well!

The guys did a great job of saving the daylilies that line the front of the deck.  I love that spot of orange color, even if it's only for a few weeks. 

The final stairs and handrail won't go in for awhile - they would just get messed up from all the contractor's equipment.  We want them to look nice and pretty for the new owners.   But it's already looking pretty good!


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