Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Kitchen Sneak Peek

You know you're in the homestretch when the kitchen cabinets get installed!  This place is finally looking like a home instead of a construction site (well sort of, there's still a long list of things left to do!).

As a reminder, here was our starting point.  A dark room with no natural light, dark paneling and a nicotine encrusted light fixture.  We opened up walls, added a skylight and suddenly it started looking so much lighter and brighter!

Here is a sneak peek with our current progress.  Can you believe the difference?  These photos were taken from the same spot, it's just hard to tell.  See the (new) antique pantry door on the right?   That's the old doorway that came in from the garage.  With the walls gone and all the new windows, it seems like a different room entirely!

Don't you love the custom stained glass insert in the cabinet?  I visited Jim Nutting at Maine Art Glass in Lisbon, ME and once again, he worked his magic to create an amazing cabinet feature!

And what do you think of this change?  Amazing, don't you think?  The stove wall has a custom vent hood and will feature a beautiful marble mosaic backsplash. So different than a few months ago!

It's probably hard to tell, but the kitchen will have a giant island.  The back will be painted a deep slate blue to match the island cabinets and it will have lots of room for stools.  The perfect spot for the entire family to gather!  And pretty sweet for entertaining too!  The quartz countertops have been templated and will arrive in a couple of weeks. 

And did you notice the beams in the dining room and living room??  That cathedral ceiling is so big and blank, it needed something to ground it.  The solution?  A little romance!  These antique beams came from a church in New Brunswick.  

They have these very cool carvings on them and just look amazing!!  We made sure the carvings are still visible now that they have a new home.

This living space is just so warm and inviting - I'm absolutely thrilled with how it's all coming together!
Stay tuned - there's a lot more to come!  

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