Thursday, October 1, 2020

Curb Appeal Update

There is a lot going on inside the ranch, but there's been a lot of activity outside as well.  So here's a quick update on our Curb Appeal progress.  The dumpster got moved to the driveway, so I was able to capture this photo in the 5 minutes that we were dumpster less!!  ðŸ˜‚😂

As you may remember, we added a double, false gable to the front of the house, to clearly define the new front door.  

We also closed in the alcove between the garage and the main house - to create a new bathroom.  Oh, and we also installed all new windows, which brought lots of light into the house, but created some nice energy efficiency as well.  And the round vent at the top of the gable??  Well that may be my favorite feature!

Since we wanted to give this place some romance,  I had these custom window boxes built and the guys installed them for me.

They also built this lattice trellis I designed, to provide a spot for a vine and also provide an accent under the bathroom window.

The light fixture, house numbers and mailbox provide a nice focal point next to the front door.

Speaking of the front door, remember when I asked for everyone's opinion on color?  The overwhelming input was for color #6.  And in the afternoon (when it's shady) or on a cloudy day, I liked it too.  But in the morning with the sun shining right on the door, it looked like Smurf Blue.  And I just couldn't paint it that color.  So instead, I went one shade darker, with a color called Endless Sea.  Not quite as overwhelmingly bright blue - but still pretty nice (and there is painters tape on the glass inside, which is why the panes look a bit odd)!

And now that the dumpster is moved to the driveway, we're trying to grow a bit of grass.  Give us another 10 days or so and I hope to have an 'it's done' photo of the front yard!!

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  1. Love the round vent! Is that purchased or was it made for you? Thanks!

  2. So classic New England! I’m happy to see you didn’t put on any skinny shutters, too!


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