Wednesday, September 2, 2020

En Suite Bedroom - Plan is Becoming Reality!

The en suite bedroom. Doesn’t it sound fancy when I say that? 😀 but when you have a 2 bedroom house that’s suddenly getting a new bedroom with a full bath, well, it does seem kind of fancy!

You see, this room started as the living room of the house.  At some point, it morphed into a laundry room - but since we will have a new dedicated laundry room, this space was up for grabs.  

But it needed a lot of changes.  First thing - we eliminated the front door.  With that wall closed up, it allowed us to tear out the old 3 foot closet and built a new 6 foot closet.  Not exactly huge, but a big change from the original!

We also added a new double window (that's also an egress window for fire safety).  Now this room is so light and bright!
All the wiring has been replaced and now we have grounded electrical outlets and a smoke detector.  Almost like a new house!

But the biggest change was the addition of a full bath.  The original house had a funky, dark alcove out front.  It was used for storing the trash cans - but a new bathroom is a much better use of space!  It was a big job, we needed to dig a 4 foot deep frost wall, build walls, open up the ceiling and create the new doorway.  But now it's a bright, tall space with a little window to bring in some daylight.
The tall ceiling makes this bathroom feel so spacious!
I've started the tiling.  This Carrara marble detail is perfect for the feature wall of the shower.  The side walls will be a simple, large white subway - perfect for accenting all that marble.  We'll be adding a glass 'barn door' slider, so you can see all that fancy tile!
The floor will be this unique gray 2" octagon.  I just love the streaks and subtle shading variations.  Once we add the new white vanity, it's going to be so striking!

And we're going to add a heated towel rack.  It's a little bit of luxury that the homeowners will really appreciate.

In the bedroom I'm using this navy and white duvet cover that I bought at Pottery Barn awhile back.  The whole room with feature a crisp blue and white color scheme.

There's a lot of work ahead, but it's so gratifying to see it start coming together!  
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