Monday, April 27, 2020

Which House Would You Want to Be Quarantined In?

Okay, so I want to have a bit of fun as we wait for the Shelter-in-Place orders to change.  A big joke amongst Real Estate professionals is "can you imagine yourself being quarantined in this house?"  Because let's face it, when have we ever been home so much???

And that got me to thinking. I've done many projects over the last 9 years and there have been lots of different styles.  And different architectural styles appeal to different people.  So which house would you want to be quarantined in?  This will also help me as I plan for our new project!!

So here are 5 different projects.  Which do you like best?

1)  Charming Cottage -  This was our second project and still one of my favorites.  It's a small home, but packed with lots of charm.  It also had some surprises - like a grow room for marijuana behind a sheet rock wall!!  Click here to see all the before and after photos.

Farewell Knotty Pine Paneling - Hello bright which dining room!
I used old nautical charts as wallpaper and a unique oval marble floor in the powder room

2) Craftsman Bungalow -  We lived in a 1918 Arts and Crafts home when our kids were growing up and it's still one of my favorite architectural styles.  The simple lines and classic style makes me swoon!!

This cute little porch 3 season welcomes you as you step in the front door
This little bungalow had a pretty nondescript start - but once we added some Craftsman details, it was amazing!  Click here to see all the rest of the updates.
Tear down those walls and add architectural details like the colonnade and staircase!
Tear out the wall and the ceiling!!!
3) Cozy Ranch - At 750 square feet, this little house packs a lot of punch.  A house doesn't need to be big to be charming.
The additional ceiling volume makes the whole house seem huge!
Master Bedroom
Basement Playroom

This house saw a huge change in curb appeal
But it did need a huge amount of updating!!  Want to see all the Before & After photos?  Just click here.  

4) Classic Colonial - This house had the grace and charm of years gone by.  It's a classic center hall colonial, but we added some new details.  It's a bit more sophisticated than some of the simpler cottages we have done, with lots of traditional elements.

Kitchen with island and built in banquette

To see more -   Click this link

5) Mid Mod Marvel - And for something completely different, here's a bit of mid-century style for hanging out!

Mid century homes were the first to introduce a large central kitchen where the family could gather
A gas fireplace and a wall of windows......a nice place to spend a pandemic! 
Here are all the before and after photos - click here.

That's a variety of different architectural styles.  Is there one that appeals to you the most?  What is your choice?  Is there a home that you think is 'quarantine worthy'???  I can't wait to hear your responses! J

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  1. I like them all but #5 would be where I'd spend my quarantine.

  2. I love your home, and for’s the clear winner, but for stylr I pick #2

  3. My heart will always be with Craftsman Bungalow

  4. Hard to choose between the craftsman and the mid mod! Both are fantastic - I think it might be just a smidge more fun to be stuck in the mid mod.

  5. Definitely #1 Charming Cottage... it's like a warm hug and much-needed with all the physical distancing we're doing. When quarantine is over the spacious #5 Mid Mod would be a wonderful spot to bring family and friends together for a celebration.

  6. #2 for coziness and then vacation in the Mid Mod. You staged them all to look so cozy, it is really hard to choose!

  7. For me, it's between #2 and #3. We are currently full-timing in a fifth wheel--about 325 square feet, so that little ranch would be plenty of space. But I've always loved the Craftsman cottage ...

  8. I really like all of them but the Charming Cottage and Mid Mod are my favorites.

  9. My favorites are 1 and 4. I would love it if you would do a post on how you choose the homes you decide to renovate--are there features you seek, problems that make you pass on a property without fail? How much of your budget do you devote to the purchase vs how much you devote to the renovation budget? Many thanks.

    1. Hmmmm..... that's an interesting idea for a post! What it really comes down to is can I make a livable floor plan with the ability to make a little profit. I tend to spend a lot of money on the improvements (typically more than I pay for the house) so it's a challenge!!!


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