Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Bunk Room

For years I've loved the idea of having a bunk room for kids.  And as our family expands, we needed space for the grandkids to sleep when they come to visit.  So at long last, I get to create one!!

We decided the smallest bedroom would work well as a bunk room.  But some modifications were required.  First, we removed the closet from the room - that gave us enough space for two sets of bunk beds.

And unlike the other bedrooms in the house, this one is dark.  We needed to brighten it up, which meant replacing the window with a larger, fire-code compliant one and a big 5' long skylight to bring in even more daylight.  Can you believe the difference?
Bigger window and a skylight - what a difference!  Now this room is nice and bright!

We measured out the bunks against the walls, to make sure there was access space once the ladders were in place (which turned out to be trickier than we first realized, one set of bunks had to be pushed off the wall to provide enough space to climb into the bunk!).  So.... that created an interesting bump out that we turned into a space for built in bookcases.  Talk about lemons to lemonade!

That also gave us the layout to decide where to put reading lights.  I want each one of the girls to have their own light (honestly, we debated about putting in an electrical outlet with a USB connection and decided a definite NO - they can read a book the old fashioned way!!).

To give the room some kid friendly character, I installed a wall mural map.  I have to admit, the cute animals were a big selling point, particularly the big moose in Maine!!   Hopefully the girls will enjoy laying in their bunk, looking at all the cute critters from around the world.
Just look at the difference with lots of sunlight in the room.  It makes me happy having such a bright space.

We ordered ready made bunkbeds and permanently installed them on the wall.  They're so nice and sturdy and I don't worry about the kids climbing all over them.

I added cute bedspreads and lots of toys and now it's ready for our favorite little ones to visit.
Room for 4! (we only have 3 grandkids!)

The room has been officially kid tested and they approved!!  

Bunk Beds - Wayfair (but sadly discontinued)
Square Bookcase - IKEA
Giraffe Bookcase - Crate & Kids
Rug - IKEA
Wall Mural - Wayfair
Bed linens - Target
Felt Dog - Mulxiply
Dolls - Target

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  1. My parents have an attic bedroom in their beach house and our kids LOVE sleeping up there. There isn't enough headroom for bunks but they do have 4 beds - and 4 grandkids!

  2. Wow I want to come play in that room!

  3. Lucky kids!

    Does it get too bright in the room due to the skylight?


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