Tuesday, October 3, 2017

T-Minus 10 Days to Finish!!!

There's a whirlwind of activity going on around here.  The kitchen is in, countertops installed and I'm in the process of tiling the backsplash.

I finished the bathroom tile last week (love this marble interlocking pattern!!) and trim is getting installed this week.

Justin started framing up the new built-in china cabinet today.  Don't you love the antique leaded glass door I found for it?  And it will be lighted inside, with glass shelves.

But it's not just the inside that's getting a lot of work.  Thanks to some nice weather, I was able to stain the deck (which was in nice shape, so we simply changed out the top rail and lattice skirt with new wood).

The landscaping went in over the weekend.

And we now have a brand new driveway (the old one was a disaster) and will soon have an interlocking paver walkway to the front door.

My husband Richard usually prefers to paperwork end of SoPo Cottage, but he's happy to lend a hand to get it done!

Why the rush?  Well, our daughter is expecting a baby on October 20th and when the big day happens (my theory is first babies are usually late), we'll drop everything to go have fun being grandparents!

Is there more to do?  Oh yeah, it's crazy around here.  And this is an all success schedule to get us across the finish line.  But I've got my fingers and toes crossed - hopefully we will make it!

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  1. Early congrats to you and the fam! What a great start to the holiday season.

    I dunno if any of your other readers would be interested, but I always appreciate it when bloggers share why they choose to diy vs contract it out. What makes a task something you and Richard take on vs getting a contractor to handle it? Are there certain types of projects (e.g. tiling) that are your domain? Thanks in advance!

    1. That's really a great question! We've done so many renovations over the years, we have a lot of experience. But the fact is, there are some things better left to the pros. So things that require a license - electrical and plumbing - are always done by experts. Some things like drywall, we can do, but the fact is others can do it faster and better. And of course we love our carpenters. But I do all the design, budgeting, scheduling of trades, tile work, wood finishing, odd jobs (like staining the deck last weekend), lots of the landscaping and sewing for window treatments, pillows, etc. And when something gets missed or needs follow up, I jump in (which is why I'm covered with drywall dust at the moment!)

  2. I would think it would be a lot easier to paint and prime the kitchen walls and ceiling before the cabinets and counter-tops are installed, but I see you did the opposite. Is there a strategy to doing it that way? Or was it a timing issue?

    1. You're right, we typically prime the walls before installing the kitchen. But on this project, the timing just didn't work out!! So we will do it all at the end.

  3. It looks so different ! The little house had a growth spurt!
    Did you install that bathroom tile yourself? Beautiful!!!


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