Wednesday, August 9, 2017

That Wow Moment

It's always amazing to see how fast framing takes place.  So imagine how excited I was to see the framing for the new open floor plan.

The guys got to work quickly, installing the new LVL ridge beam.  This new LVL will provide the structural backbone for the entire roof system.  It's a big job, but the critical first step for all the other work we want to do.

Once that was in place, they started adding in the new rafters -and suddenly,  we had a big, new space!  As a reference, here's what it looked like before.
Living Room 'Before'

 And now.....

Open Floor Plan - 'After'
Next, they added the strapping and cleaned up the job site.  When I walked back in the house, it was the 'WOW' moment I'd been waiting for.  It was hard to comprehend how much had changed!  Can you believe how grand this space is now?
See where the skylight will be added to bathe the room in light?

A few days later, they added the skylight in the living room.  There are quite a few windows in the new living area, but there are also large trees around the house.  So it's not as bright as I would like.  The skylight will help make sure the room is always flooded with sunlight.
What's next?  Well, we need to finalize kitchen design and get electrical and plumbing installed.  So lots of work ahead, but when anyone walks in the house, they start by saying 'Wow'!!

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