Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Demo Day!!

It's getting exciting around here!!!  The demo has started and we're already seeing lots of changes.  Can you believe the difference?

Of course the biggest change is in the living area.  The guys started by stripping the wall between the kitchen and living room.  Can you believe the difference already?  Doesn't it look a whole lot bigger and brighter?

Next, they started on the ceiling.  First they stripped all the drywall off.

Can you believe how high the ceiling will be???
And here's the first peek at what the new space will look like.  Is it a 'WOW' yet???

(As an aside, see how some of those boards on the roof are gray?  That's because in the 60's, they used the boards to pour the concrete foundation.  Once the concrete was set, they took them apart and used them for the roof. and sidewalls.  Seems like a pretty efficient way to reuse materials!)

The guys have to leave a couple of joists in the room, until the new framing is built (we don't want the building to implode!).  So we won't get the full open effect until the new truss system is in place. 

So, are you starting to get an idea how big the change will be?  Pretty exciting!

Next up?  Our framers will be starting the new truss system, to give us the structure we need for this huge ceiling!

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  1. I love what you're doing with this house, Laurel! I think smaller houses can be opened up to feel spacious and charming.

  2. That's going to look awesome!



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