Monday, August 28, 2017

Big City Style - Home Show

We just got back from our annual trip to the New York home show - featuring upcoming trends in home and lifestyle products.  It's always a highlight of my summer, I love getting to check out the latest and greatest in home interiors!!!

Now, from what I've been reading, the trend towards white rooms is fading.  Color is supposed to be the new norm.  With that in mind, I expected to see a lot of new colorful styles.

But I didn't.  What I did see was a lot of natural materials, fibers, and muted color.  There was still a lot of white, but it was complimented with warm wood tones and textures.

You've probably heard this Danish term recently - Hygge.   The Dutch have a different word - gezellig.  There is no direct English translation, but essentially it means a warm, cozy place where you gather with family and friends.  Seriously, don't we all want a gezellig house? 


Last year there was a lot of navy - and I saw it again this year.  Good thing, I LOVE navy!  You'll be seeing a lot of it in our new project house.
Love this silk rug!!!

Oh, and there was a lot of brass.  I guess those predictions of brass going away are a bit premature.  And there were also splashes of blush pink.  Not a lot of color - but it's something!

So where do you think design is moving?  Still lots of white?  Or is color going to make a resurgence?
You'll be seeing this light in one of our projects soon!!

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  1. Hi Laurel! I love your blog...beautiful work that you do and such an honest perspective about the ups and downs, and your wonderful style choices that are part of renovating a house thank you!!

    I love that the natural materials are abundant...white can sometimes feel a bit sterile but it is also easy to work with and brightens a space so I don't think it will ever really go out of style. But I believe the tones of white will shift to warmer whites. Right now the popular whites have been colder with more grays or blues in them...rooms were filled with those colors and lots of gleaming reflective surfaces (especially in kitchens). But I believe the new whites will be warmer (creamier) to compliment the emergence of a desire for cozy comfortable spaces and natural eco-friendly materials and decor. I think the metals used will be more rustic and muted, with a flat or brushed finish. Hygge indeed!!--I'm glad to see Danish and general Scandinavian style is still very much in, and there is a lot of white in those spaces.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts Feyza, I completely agree with you. I know I prefer the warmer whites, particularly with our cold Maine winters. We need all the hygge we can get!!! And when you pair them with the natural materials, it's a great combination.

      Thanks so much for following along our adventures!


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