Thursday, January 5, 2017

Yankee Ingenuity - Do We Have Water Views?

One of the first questions we tried to answer was whether we have water views from the house.  We're close to the water and sit up on a hill.  You can't see much from the current windows, thanks to trees and houses, but if we go up a level, we think there are water views.    I'd love to put a 3rd floor deck on the house, but need to see if it makes sense (we have a 3rd floor deck on our own house and it's our favorite place to have a cocktail at the end of the day)
Source:  City of South Portland
 Of course if we had a drone, we could have figured that out pretty quickly.  But we're thrifty (aka cheap) and didn't want to go buy one.  Plus there's all that FAA registration stuff, which seemed way too complicated.

And then Mike from Waterhouse Builders came up with a clever solution.  He has a GoPro camera.  We could connect it to a long pole and use it to figure out the view.  Brilliant!

With my fear of heights, there was no way I could climb out the window...but he was up to the challenge.  He handled the camera, I controlled the GoPro from the tablet, standing safely on the floor.

What did we find?  Woo hoo!  Looks like there are some water views there!  Not only that, we can see Spring Point Lighthouse and Fort Gorges.  And it's pretty fabulous to have such a great treetop vista!  What a great vantage point.

So our next step is to include a 3rd floor deck in our design!!  Can you see yourself sitting there with a cocktail in hand at the end of the day??

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  1. Great idea! And yes I would love a third floor balcony with water views! :)

  2. Beautiful! That deck would absolutely get a lot of use from my family.


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