Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Before the Snow Flies......Barely.....

This project may look like it's moving very quickly, but nothing could be further from the truth.  This is month number 5 of the project.  We've been at this awhile!

I bought the house in August.  We spent the rest of the month and September finalizing the design and getting all the building permits.

We got bids from foundation firms and promises that they'd get started in 2 weeks......6 weeks later, they actually started (every contractor we talk to is so busy, it's tough to get on anyone's schedule!).  We really wanted to get the poured concrete done early, before the weather got too cold.

And we ran into our share of challenges.  Come to find out, the back of the foundation didn't have any footings.   So there was no way we could use it for additional structure with the addition.  The guys had to tear out the back of the house, built temporary supports (that's the funky X you see under the back wall) and dig out the old foundation - allowing new footings to be put into place.  Time consuming and costly!

This cool gadget polishes the new garage floor!

With the footings in place, they put up forms for the new walls and poured the foundation.

The other key thing we needed to do, before it was too cold, was the driveway.  Like everyone else, Ingraham Paving was swamped with work that needed to get done before it got too cold, but thankfully they finished the day before they stop for the season!  This will give us a mud free work zone, for the rest of the project.

Oh, and it provided a nice foundation for the port a potty.  Pretty important, since we don't have any plumbing in the house!

And now that it's really cold and snowy?  We're moving forward with framing and things are taking shape quickly!  Can't wait to share the rest of the project.
Framing Material Delivery

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  1. Whoa. I pity the crew using the Port-a-Potty in a Maine winter. Just sayin'.

    1. Ha ha - it will be nice to have fancy indoor plumbing one of these days!!!


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