Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cherished Bungalow - Before and After Second Floor

While we made a lot of changes on the first floor of the bungalow, the most dramatic change was on the second floor.  We started with an unfinished attic and transformed it into two bedrooms, a large bath and a loft.  An shed dormer made all the difference!

But it wasn't easy.  The first step was to cut a big hole in the roof, to make way for a large dormer addition (can you see all those nice water views??).  We saved all the lumber from the demolition and used it throughout the house - you'll see that in the photos!

Before the dormer, you really couldn't walk on that side of the stairwell, due to the limited headroom.

Now, its a big master bedroom with views of the Portland skyline.  And in the winter, when the leaves are off the trees, you have views of Fort Gorges, in the middle of Casco Bay.
The closets are flanked by barn doors, made from the old roof sheathing that we cut away from the roof.  

The original back dormer was reimagined to create a relaxing, spa-like bathroom.  
Dormer Bathroom - Before
Dormer Bathroom - After

Again, we used the reclaimed lumber - this time to create a feature wall behind the soaking tub.  And the old rafters became collar ties.

The front bedroom was created in a dormer as well.  It has lots of funky angles, that give the room lots of character!

Front bedroom - Before
We reframed much of the dormer, to create more headroom and added lots of storage space in the eaves of the roof.  New, larger windows were installed, to meet code requirements for egress.

Front bedroom - After (Photo credit - Coopdujour Photography)

We also included some built in bookshelves, to provide a spot for displaying lots of treasures! 

At the top of the stairs is the new loft space.  With its big skylight, the loft has room for a desk, an occasional chair and lots of shelving.  It could be a craft space, an office space or just a place to sit and relax!

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic job! Love everything about it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Did you keep the fireplace as-is on the first floor, or replace with a gas insert? What have been your experiences of dealing with old fireplaces on your remodels? Thanks for any info

    1. We left this as a wood burning fireplace. We had to do a little repointing, but it was in nice shape. On another house we added a gas insert. It really depends on each house's unique circumstances.


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