Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Demo Day 1 - 2 - 3....

We're off to a roaring start on the Gracious Gambrel.  The guys from Demo Brothers showed up with a big team to get us started.  I love working with them - they make a huge mess and then clean it all up!!

They quickly filled a dumpster the first day, as we opened up walls, pulled out old carpet, underlayment, plaster, etc.

View from foyer to kitchen - before

And wow, what a difference it made!  Look at the change as we start to open the wall between the foyer and the kitchen.

View from foyer to kitchen - wall elimination in progress

And without those dark cabinets, the giant black refrigerator and the sight-line blocking top cabinets, the kitchen seems HUGE!
This wall will come out, once we put in a new support beam
Kitchen before
Kitchen during demo

We also started pulling out the wall between the Jack 'n Jill closet.

And the most exciting change?  Tearing out the ceiling in the master bedroom - in preparation for the cathedral ceiling in there.  What a change!!  The room seems enormous now and yet the footprint hasn't changed at all.
Master bedroom with raised ceiling  
But we did find something interesting in there.   What kind of nest do you think this is?  Squirrel?  It's too big for most birds!  I wasn't brave enough to stick my hand in there, but Brian checked it out.  Empty!

And as we wrapped up demo, we've found a few surprises - including a structural issue that needs to be resolved in the kitchen (at least it solved the mystery of the sloping floor.  And with a little work, we can fix that for good).  We also found some active knob and tube wiring, that will need to be eliminated.  But in general, this is a good, solid house - just waiting for updates!

We're still nailing down the floor plan.  As we work through the details, we're making lots of tweaks.  But more about that later.  Stay tuned!!!

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