Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Days, It's Like Being 8 Years Old All Over Again

Remember how excited you could get about little things when you were a kid?  I sometimes feel that way with the milestones on our reno project.  And this week was a fun one!

We needed a LOT of drywall delivered for this job.  And it's an awkward delivery, because the house sits on a hill with a big power line running across it.  Plus, our windows aren't large enough for a 4' wide sheet of drywall.

So…..we had to have the power company come out and wrap the high voltage wires.

And we had to remove a couple of 2nd floor windows.

Oh, and the drywall company had to send their 90' crane to lift the drywall up over the power lines and in through the windows, the door and the garage.  Check it out in this little 2 minute video (sorry it's so shaky, it was 9 degrees when I filmed this)!

So, admit it, pretty cool, huh?

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