Tuesday, January 21, 2014

T-Minus 10 Days to Paint Color - Yikes!

So…..my painter stopped by to give me a final estimate and announced he has a new approach he wants to use.  As soon as drywall is installed, he'll prime all the walls AND put the first coat of paint on the walls at the same time.  That's before trim goes in, or kitchen cabinets, or hardwood floors.

What???  That means I need to have all the paint colors decided - and the walls aren't even up yet!  For those of you that have been following the blog for awhile, you know that the paint color is the last thing I decide on (See How to Choose Paint Colors here).  So this has put me into design overdrive.  I don't just need to finalize the paint color, it's all the fabrics, tile, accessories, etc.  Geezzzzz.

I have paint fans everywhere.  Paint chips are spilling out of my purse, my minivan and are now taped to the walls.  I've been carrying fabric swatches around with me for months, now's the time to drag them out of the recesses of my bag and hang them up.  The tile I ordered hasn't arrived yet, so it was back to the tile store to borrow a sample.

Here's what I know:  the first floor will all be the same color, thanks to our open floor plan.  Color inspiration came from the beautiful recycled glass tile we're using for the kitchen backsplash.  The glass is a swirl of sand beige, cream, brown and blue.  And whether you call the it navy or twilight or ink or indigo - it's going to be a deep blue.

So here are my latest thoughts:

For the small window treatments, I'll be using this seahorse pattern.  I know we don't have seahorses in Maine, but love this pattern anyway! And since we're just a few steps from the beach, I like incorporating a few beachy items.  I hope to have enough fabric left over to make a couple of pillows as well.  For the large bank of windows in the living room, we'll be using burlap with a navy print for full length drapes - fabulous texture and a great complimentary style.
This was toooo gold - thumbs down!

The finalists for wall color?  I'm really liking 'Rice Grain' by Sherwin Williams.  I used that same color for the bedrooms in the Colonial we did last year (see here - isn't it nice?).   But I also like Softer Tan.

Rice Grain next to Tile  in Bright Sunlight
The color to the right is called Believable Buff - it wasn't so believable for me.  It got scratched off the list.

I'm going to leave these paint samples and fabrics up for a few days, so I can see what it looks like at different times of day.  But Rice Grain seems just as nice on a sunny day as a dreary one.  That's a good sign - sometimes there can be a big difference in as the lighting changes.

And for the second floor?  Well, I still have a few days left to figure that out!!!

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  1. Those are some of my favorite paint color cards! I love Wool Skein by SW and Edgecomb Gray (really warm gray) by BM.

    1. Wool Skein keeps making my 'short list', but I haven't used it yet. It's such a nice warm color! I haven't tried Edgecomb Gray yet, I'll have to check it out!

    2. I love Edgecomb Grey too, and have it in my living room. I think it may be more grey than the colors you're looking at here though. Check it out sometime though!

  2. I just love white for everything.

  3. My living room is Rice Grain and I love it.We are also putting it in a flip house :) Could you share any more info about the tile?

  4. Isn't it a great color???
    The tile is by Sonoma Tile and is called Vihara. I ordered it from Old Port Specialty Tile in Portland, ME. I just love the blend or colors !!

    Thanks so much for reading!



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