Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inspection Ready - Round One

Despite the incredibly cold temperatures and now the mud bath from the thaw, there's been a LOT of progress on the house in the last couple of weeks.  Framing is complete.  We've gone through stacks of lumber, roofing shingles and windows.  And have a brand new 2nd floor plus an open floor plan on the first floor to show for it.
New windows!
Master Suite - it's a big room!
Back Bedroom 
Front Bedroom - note Katie's desk lamp is getting used as a temporary ceiling light!
Electrical rough in is complete.  Of course the 2nd floor got all new wiring and smoke detectors in each bedroom (per building codes).  The kitchen has been updated with GFCI outlets and wiring for the dishwasher, garbage disposal and range hood.  And we've also added cable hookup throughout the house (but I keep hearing that people are getting rid of cable, so maybe that wasn't a smart thing to do!).

But my favorite feature?  We moved the original phone cubby from the front hall to the kitchen wall.  It's wired with both a traditional phone jack (which will work beautifully with this phone I found on eBay), but we've also added a docking station to charge a cell phone.  I know I'm easily amused, but don't you think this is cool!!

The plumbing rough in is done.  And it was a lot of plumbing!  Upstairs, we added a family bath and a master bath - as well as a laundry closet for a stackable washer and dryer.  We also had to run all new hot water heating pipes.  Downstairs, we're updating the full bath and will be plumbing the new sink, once the kitchen cabinets are installed.

But the biggest change is in the basement.  Farewell old 1940's oil furnace.  And welcome to this new, super high efficiency, Rinnai gas boiler.  Isn't it a beauty?  Hmmm….maybe you need to be from Maine on a particularly cold winter to appreciate it :-)   The most exciting thing about it (besides the fact that it's going to have much, much less expensive heating bills)  - it's incredibly quiet.  With the single digit night time temps we've had, I double check to make sure the heat is working when we finish up every night.  But I can't hear it come on, so I go down to the basement and feel it to make sure it's running!  Amazing!

Once the inspection is done - we can insulate.  At long last, we'll have a warm house!

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  1. THANK you for keeping the phone cubby- I get so sad when things like that get trashed! And I'm completely convinced it's little details like a retro charging station that can sell a house- it's so darn cute, but I'm a sucker for mid-century...

    1. We couldn't let the phone cubby disappear!!! It's one of the most charming elements of the house :-) I can't wait until we get it installed and operational. It should be quite the conversation piece!

  2. The phone cubby is awesome! You do beautiful work, can't wait to see the transformation. :)

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! Isn't that phone cubby amazing? We just had to find a way to reuse it….and love mixing the 'old' phone technology with new!!!


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