Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And The Winner Is - Right!

Wow, you all were fantastic in helping with this decision!!!  Ha ha, but I think you struggled as much as I did. The comments matched my thinking - Left was a little more formal, right a little more whimsical with a 'pop'.  Oh and by the way, right was half the price of left!  That doesn't happen when I pick things out very often.

We ended up with 29 for 'right' and 20 for 'left', when I went through both the blog and Facebook feedback.  Not exactly a landslide, but a clear winner.

Thanks so much for the input.  Now that I know the color of the wreath, I can get some mums to match!  Stay tuned for more photos soon.


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  1. So, now I am in love with that wreath. May I ask where you got it? Thanks!

    1. Homegoods! It was $19.99!! I do like the simplicity with the burst of color. So nice for fall, before we get the drab winter colors!

    2. Thanks! We don't have a Homegoods in my area, but I am going to keep an eye out for something similar. I love your wreath choice (well, actually, I love your whole decorating style!).


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