Thursday, October 24, 2013

Creating a Master Bedroom from Unused Attic Space

Somehow, in the course of 120 years, this attic space never got finished into living space.  It was one of the features of this house that excited us the most, when we started the project.

But it wasn't an easy job.  The joists were over-spanned.  The roof rafters didn't meet new codes.  And of course there was no insulation.  But we quickly tackled these challenges (see details on insulation and structural updates) and added new elements like collar ties of antique, hand hewn beams.

And the result?   Thanks to new windows and a large skylight - and a very cool light fixture - the room is light and bright.  No more dark, creepy spaces.  The gabled roof provides architectural interest to the space.  And the room is large enough to have room space for a reading nook by the window.

And we were able to add a half bath at the far end of the room, complete with a marble mosaic floor and classic fixtures.

So, it might have taken 120 years to get this room finished, but it's ready for the next 120 now!  What do you think?

Chandelier - Shades of Light
Bathroom Fixtures - Kohler & American Standard
Rug, Bedside Lamps & Linens - Homegoods
Wall Color - Benjamin Moore Green Cast

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  1. Beautiful! When can I move in? Mary in NY

  2. You do such amazing work on these homes. What a gift you have.

  3. So beautiful! Can you please come work on my house next?! Hope

  4. I love the houses y'all work with -- I do have a question unrelated to the remodeling. Do you live in these houses while you are working on them or is that not necessary?

    1. We lived in many houses as we renovated them over the years (our kids thought a shop vac was a decorative accessory). But now that this is a full time job for us, we love coming home to a clean house at the end of the day!. And the extent of the renovations we do are so extensive (aka no bathroom), you really couldn't live in them!.

  5. I have been waiting and hoping for this post. I gasped when I saw the finished room. Lovely!!!


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