Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Room is Done: Kids Room!!!

We're still a week or so from holding the Open House to get this place on the market.  There's just too much to be done!  But I wanted to get at least one room staged - just to feel like we're getting close to finishing our project.

So, what's up first - the kid's room.  It's a south facing room that gets lots of natural light.  And I want it to be light and bright.  But, didn't want to do a traditional boy or girl room.  No pink princesses or primary colored dinosaurs here.  The goal was to have something that would work for either a boy or a girl.

The theme - jungle critters.  Giraffes, Lions, & monkeys.  Those work for boys and girls, don't you think?

I went with a great fabric that has lots of jungle animals in different shades of teal and green.  And I found this fabulous elephant lamp at HomeGoods.  I think that's my favorite detail in the room!

There's a sisal rug on the floor, banded in the same green as the other accents.  The pint sized table & chair set came from IKEA.  And the cute little money and giraffe?  I found them at Kohl's.

So what do you think?  Can you see your little boy or girl in a room like this?  Does the staging make sense?

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  1. I like the staging set up! It's very kid neutral, young boy/girl and I can easily envision it morphing into an older kids room - thanks to your awesome staging :)

    I hope you don't mind my asking (but I'm dying to know!) What do you do with all the items for staging after a sale? Do you have a giant staging storage shed, craigslist, a very full basement/attic)? Offer staging items to interested buyers? Ohhhh, the options, lol.

  2. So funny you mention that Becki, because my husband and I were having that same discussion over the weekend. At this point, we have 2 VERY full storage facilities. But I'm thinking after this house sells, I might do a sort of 'estate sale' and pare down my collection. I figured we'd give the new buyers first 'dibs' on anything they might be interested in. And I have a lot more that can come out of storage and get sold!

  3. let me know when you have the estate sale ;) May have to make a trip.

  4. Those windows are beautiful! The room has such an open and airy look. Any kid would be thrilled to have a room so great!

  5. Cute! I love the house shaped storage/bookshelf! I think it's awesome and gender-neutral... though yellow is always a good bet too!


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