Monday, March 26, 2012

Customer Service is Alive and Well

I recently ordered this fabulous Caliban doorbell, online from Signature Hardware.  I really like the look and think it compliments our 1900 Victorian.  It must be popular, because it was backordered.  But it showed up a couple of weeks ago.  The box stated that I needed to inspect it within 5 days and report any damage.  I looked it over and it was great - just like the online photo.

But when we tried to install it yesterday, it wouldn't work.  We had to go back to the cheap plastic one that was already there.  I called Signature Hardware this morning, expecting to have a fight on my hands, after all the 5 days has come and gone.  Plus, I'd lost the paperwork and order number.   But the Customer Service Rep said she could see my order number from my incoming phone number.....and that she would ship me a replacement immediately.  Isn't that amazing?  I'm so impressed!!

That's what I call customer service!

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