Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mother Nature is Helping Out

We hope to get the house on the market in the next few weeks, so there has been a whirlwind of activity.  A huge part of readiness is the exterior and 'curb appeal' of the house.  We were so worried when we started the renovation that we wouldn't be able to do all the outside work before we put the house on the market.  After all, you really can't grow grass seed, paint outside or power wash a house in the winter in Maine.

James Burns Painting
We talked with several painters, who all dissuaded us from even thinking about painting until late April or May.  But since we're hoping to get the house on the market soon, we needed to get moving.  We met with James L. Burms Painting and he agreed that if we got a good week of weather, he could do the work.  Well, we got a spectacular stretch of weather (who would have believed 80 degrees in March!?!) and the new paint job is really transforming the house.

Jim started by power washing, to get all the grime off.  Then he prepped and caulked all the new windows and trim.  Just the primer made a huge difference in the appearance of the house!

While Jim was painting up high, Richard was working on the front porch.  The ugly old storm door is gone and we've painted the original door a glossy black.  With it's beveled glass, crystal doorknob and dentil molding, it's a real beauty and shouldn't be hidden behind scalloped aluminum!

And I finally got to hang the Pottery Barn mailbox that I bought months ago!  I just love how it looks, a nice change from the old stagecoach one from the Bonanza era (I know some of you aren't old enough to know what that is!).
New Pottery Barn Mailbox

Bonanza era mailbox

We're getting pretty excited about the overall look!  Next week, the team from Lawn Enforcement will be coming to work on the yard.  Jim will do the final coat of paint.  And the shutters and gutters are going up. We'll even put the house numbers back up (without numbers, we've been using the dumpster in the driveway to tell folks which house is ours - LOL)   Inside, we'll be finishing the bathroom and painting like crazy, because the floors get done starting April 2nd.  Stay tuned for more before and after photos.

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