Sunday, March 18, 2012

The 3rd Floor is Done!!

Lots of big changes in the last couple of weeks.  The 3rd floor carpeting has been installed, the lighting fixtures put up and the painting completed.  It's so wonderful to have a place to hang out, that isn't covered in construction dust.

Here's some sneak peeks....and a few before photos.  Next time you see it, we'll have it staged for the Open House!


We choose wall-to-wall carpeting to provide a little soundproofing for the 2nd floor.  With this commercial carpeting (guaranteed to never stain!!) and the heavy padding, it will really help muffle sounds if someone is upstairs while others are sleeping in the bedrooms below.
Bonus Room - After

Bonus Room - Before

Back Bedroom - After.  I love how beautifully the hardware polished up on the built in dresser!

Back Bedroom - Before
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  1. I like the attic room because it's pretty spacious! Now all you need is an Orlando air conditioning to finish things off.

  2. I know I am years late on this response (and luckily I am not shilling for an air conditioning place) but I also flip houses and last year I was trying to settle on a better name than flipper. I came up with rehabilitation or home rehabber, or . . . but it didn't work. Everyone I said that to responded "oh, you're one of those house flippers ain't ya?" I caved and now I tell people that I flip houses, slowly and for not much money. It's lingo they can understand.

    1. Ha ha - I still can't bring myself to use that term. But I do such low volume (typically 2 houses a year), I just say I do dramatic renovations :-) But I totally understand the need to use terms people understand.


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