Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Project Update

At long last, it seems like we're leaving the nasty surprises behind us and we're making progress.  The windows and doors are in - and we can start to see how symmetry with the windows adds to the curb appeal.  Doesn't it look nice?  A couple of the neighbors have said they are happy with the green board and windows, it's still a huge upgrade from the plastic sheeting and mess we've had the last few months 😂

The last of the rear windows went in yesterday once the rain stopped (the sunporch and garage are part of phase 2).  It's so nice to have that complete!

The electricians have arrived and are replacing every bit of wiring in the house.  It's a big job, but as those of you that live in old houses know - a single outlet per bedroom just doesn't cut it anymore!!  

So much wiring and devices!!!

We will sleep better at night knowing that the wiring has been totally updated.  We're also updating the service so we can handle all of the electrical requirements of a modern home.

Plumbing is done - it was a tricky challenge and Nick did an amazing job.  We wanted to hide as much of the plumbing as possible, which is hard to do when you're exposing the beams below the bathroom.  Thanks to his creativity, most of the plumbing will be hidden. 

Here's a rare moment when the kitchen was cleaned up of tools and materials - doesn't it look great?

We passed our inspections last week and now it's on to insulation!  

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  1. Re the electrical: I had the electrian put in double ganged outlets on both sides of the bed places when we built our house. He was surprised. I need all 4 on my side of the bed for sure!

  2. I know someone who will do great drywall work

  3. Feels like many friends who own older homes are revamping electrical panels and adding more outlets . Good planning on your part! There is sticker shock! About $3000.


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