Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Temporary Living - Backyard Spaces

Here in South Portland we typically have tiny little yards.  1/10th of an acre isn't unusual and zoning for most of the town allows you to build 6 feet off of the side lot lines.  So to have a backyard with lots of privacy if pretty unusual!  

This yard is lucky enough to have a beautiful garden in the yard behind this one as well as gorgeous plantings that bloomed all spring.  The brick patio and stone wall provide lots of seating for entertaining.

There are giant lilac bushes next to the garage and in the back yard.  The smell was heavenly!

I've never heard of a beauty bush before, but this one is aptly named - the flowers were amazing.

Beauty Bush

I'm not sure, but I think this is a wild rose that's been pruned into a shrub.  It has beautiful blossoms and last fall it was covered with bright red fruit.

I used another section of the antique lattice on the garage.  It adds such a sweet touch.

The spring rains have gotten everything off to a great start.  Now that the sun has returned, we hope to spend some time outside enjoying our little 1/10 of an acre!

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  1. The lilacs grow so nicely up there! What a winderful tenth of acre yard. Happy summer 🌞⛱


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