Wednesday, May 10, 2023

To Keep or Not to Keep - That is the Question

On one side of the attic, we found this big antique dresser.  It must have been up there a LONG time, because it was too big to fit down the attic stairway.  Our guess is it got moved up there when major renovations were being done to the house.  

While we had everything opened up, we moved it downstairs and realized for the first time that it's massive.  It's 48" wide by 28" deep and 56" tall.  

The drawers and top seem to be mahogany with nice, turned knobs (although they're a bit scuffed up, I've contacted someone who can replicate the missing ones for me).  It must have been built in, because the side are just rough sawn lumber.  

The top is made of two boards, one of them is 18 1/2" wide, which again makes us think it's an old piece.    The drawers all have metal rollers on them, which someone told me was probably added much later.  And unfortunately they don't seem to work well, the drawers are a challenge to open and close.

Each drawer has beautiful dove tailed joinery.

We really would like to use it again, but we can't figure out where.  It really is huge and seems to dwarf any room we sit it in.  My guess is it was built in under the eaves next to an earlier dormer that was on the house.  But now it's too wide to fit in that spot.

So that's the challenge.  Do we keep it?  We feel like we should. But if so, where will it fit?  Decisions, decisions!!! 

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  1. If you like it and can find a place for it I would keep it but if not I'd let it find a new home.

  2. It's part of the soul of you home keep it. One of the few survivors of the houses early life.

  3. In the attic of the first house I bought, I found an old oak dresser. Like yours, it was too big to fit down the stairs. But I figured out if I just took off the top, it would fit. I refinished it and used it in my boys’ bedroom for several years. But I always wondered how it got up there.


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