Thursday, June 9, 2022

The Slow Race to the Finish Line

Now that we have walls, the finish work can start.  This is when it starts to get exciting and the house really starts to take shape.  BUT.....

The bad news:  Normally I would say the house would be ready in 4-6 weeks, but with COVID issues still lurking, it's hard to make that assumption.  Case in point: the longest lead item in our schedule is getting the countertops templated and installed (4 week wait for template, 4-5 weeks for install).  I scheduled our template well in advance, but received an email today that their template guy has COVID and everything is getting rescheduled.  Sigh.....

The good news:  Lots of other work is morning forward! Doors have been installed and window/door trim has begun.  It makes such a difference! 

The heat pumps were installed this week (they still need to be connected to electrical, but they look good!). 

The flooring needs to be installed before the kitchen goes in, so the guys made great progress this week.  This is an engineered white oak, in a soft caramel color stain.  Doesn't it look great?  With the sunlight coming in the new windows, the light floor will really brightens everything up!

Aren't they beautiful floors!

The exterior is wrapping up - the owners wanted an old door closed up and Dave is sealing it up with a stucco finish to match the rest of the foundation.  The new basement and garage windows arrived yesterday and will go in soon.

What next?  The kitchen!  Tile!  Custom Built ins!  And More! 😁


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  1. It's looking great! Too bad about the countertops but the wait will be worth it! Jan in MA

  2. Maybe better the counter tops than the cabinets being delayed. So frustrating, though.

  3. The floors are beautiful!

  4. I was wondering what the floor is. Engineered? Is it okay to tell us the brand?


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