Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Twin Birthday Celebration - Sesame Street Style!

I figured everyone is probably tired of seeing all the raw lumber photos of the house - so here's a little diversion for you!  Our twin grandkids turned two over the weekend and we helped our daughter with a big celebration.  Thanks to COVID their first birthday party was really small, so they pulled out all the stops for this one!

Our daughter gets all the credit for the creativity - I was in charge of shopping (which I do consider my super power!!!😂).   With a boy and a girl, she wanted something gender neutral and decided a Sesame Street party would be perfect (Elmo and Cookie Monster are like rock stars in their house).

For the table, we used astro turf 'tablecloths' (super inexpensive at Home Depot).  The texture and color were a great backdrop for everything else.  (Note: I thought they would be a nightmare to clean, but baby wipes cleaned them right up - even with pizza and cake icing!  Now I'm trying to figure out if I should use them for a putting green at a future project!)  The water bottles were from Dollar Tree - $1.25 each and super cute.  We let them pick out a Sesame Street character sticker to help identify it and added their name as well, so they could find their own bottle throughout the party.  The plates were so simple with just eyes and primary colors.  And then we used all the Sesame Street toys we had to finish decorating the table.

The balloon garland was assembled the day before - a bit tedious but not hard to make.  

One of the really fun decorations were big boxes that we wrapped in kraft paper,   The edges were finished with bright colored duct tape and the letters got painted by the kids the day before.  A pretty quick project that got everyone involved!

Goody bags were packed with lots of fun little things to keep the kids busy - Sesame Street board books, rulers, bubbles, sunglasses, etc.

Each twin got their own cake to share with the grownups.  There were cupcakes for all the kids.  Interestingly, Elmo and Cookie Monster were both so popular, we didn't run out of one or the other!

For activities, my daughter borrowed a friend's bounce house that was perfect for little kids.  We also had a Rubber Duckie scavenger hunt that had the kids running all over the yard looking for them.  And my daughter found a 'balloonologist' (it's a thing, really!), who made amazing balloons for all the kids.

It was crazy, fun and exhausting - we called it a sort of happy chaos!  But a great way to celebrate a big milestone! 

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  1. How nice to have some normalcy for the kids! I used to love putting on birthday parties for my boys with a goal to keep it under $25. Thank you so much for this break in the renovation process.

    1. I think we were all ready for a break in the renovation process!!! And as you know, kids birthdays are so much fun!

  2. My grandtwins just turned 4 and their birthday party was all Paw Patrol. That works on the gender neutral theme, too, although they are girls (fraternal, and could not be more different). Your party looks great. May keep some of those ideas for next time.


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