Monday, November 1, 2021

Basic Bungalow Before & After - the Exterior

I've started pulling together all the Before & After photos and wanted to start with the exterior.  This was a nice looking house when we got started, but we think we've amped up the curb appeal a bit. 

Front of House - After

Front of House - Before

Rear view - after (without the leaning garage! 😂)

Rear view - Before

So what did we change?  There were some key differences.  We completely redid the front porch, to get rid of some odd material choices they had made.  We added a real front door (so much nicer than the old storm door) and stained glass house numbers that I'm pretty crazy about. 

We added two big dormers - one to create a 2nd floor bath and the other to create a large bedroom space.

Bathroom Dormer

Bedroom Dormer & expanded kitchen space

The back porch with its tiny mudroom is much better utilized as enlarged kitchen space.  This also let us add a large deck across the back of the house for lots of outdoor living space.

And something that might seem a bit insignificant, but updating the windows to be 6 over 1 (6 panes over 1 pane of the double hung windows) brought the house back to its original bungalow style and gave it a lot more charm.

The new roof is a color called charcoal, which has gray tones in it but also provides a dark contrast with the gray siding.  It's so much nicer than the light gray (with stains) roofing they had before.

The front dormer had original 6 over 1 windows, so we changed the first floor to match

Do you remember all the debate about the front porch?  Whether to open it back up or leave it?  Honestly, I'm thrilled with how it came out.  It was pretty awful with all the exposed insulation when we started.  But isn't it a lovely spot to hang out now- particularly with the sun streaming in on a chilly morning?

Front Porch - Before (it was a mess!)

Front Porch - After

Front Porch Looking Inside Before

Front Porch After
Next up?  I'll start pulling together the photos of the living room and dining room.  There were some big changes that you get a peek of in the photo above!

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  1. You all do such an amazing job! The house is so much better now. Love the windows. Love the dormers. Incredible vision you have! Jan in MA


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