Thursday, November 12, 2020

Hardworking Rooms - Can They Be Pretty?

Typically, when you think about a room that takes a lot of wear and tear like a foyer/mudroom and laundry room, you think about utilitarian surfaces and finishes.  But we wanted to do just the opposite to Romance the Ranch.  We wanted these spaces to be beautiful, so we created custom built ins and added antique elements for a bit of a WOW!

Opening up wall from garage to kitchen
But first we had to create the rooms.  We started with a section of the garage and turned it into living space.  That meant we had to open up a wall to the kitchen to connect the two spaces.  Once that was done, we built the new walls and stairs to get from the front door up to the main level of the house.


But we didn't want it to be a blank boring space, so we planned lots of special finishes.  We started with a tile that would mimic terrazzo and wood.  It has a slightly rough finish, so it won't be slippery when wet.  So important when you're coming in the door with ice and snow on your boots!

And I wanted to add some antique elements, to give the room some more character.  So I spent weeks stripping layer upon layer of paint from an antique newel post and balusters - what a difference that made!

And then there is the mud bench.  I ordered a set of baskets and designed a set of cubbies and hanging space to hold lots of coats, gloves, hats and stuff.  Kyle turned that design into reality

So many people took photos of the mudroom when we had the Open House!   I have a feeling lots of folks are going to have a mudroom on their 'honey do' list 😂

With the new glass door and birdcage light, it's so bright and sunny!  And of course this beautiful painting by Holly Lombardo makes a great statement.

Just off of the mudroom is the laundry room.  It's not huge, but there is a lot of space for folding clothes and storage.  That long counter and sink will be so useful!
Of course these are the first glimpse of the house as you enter the front door.  Hopefully you'll agree they're not your standard, utilitarian rooms.  They're hard working - but pretty! Wait till you see the rest of the house!

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