Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Cottage Kitchen - Before and After

We share a lot of before and after photos, but this kitchen changed pretty dramatically!  So I wanted to share all the photos.

Original Kitchen  (now a home office) was on the opposite side of the house
You see, it started as 3 spaces - the living room, foyer and staircase.  (The original kitchen was on the opposite corner and it was pretty small)  Our goal was to make this kitchen the true heart of the home.  And so it needed to be moved to the bigger space with better flow to the rest of the house.

So we tore out some walls (nothing new about that!),

connected it to a new addition and added a new double window.
Soon to be New Kitchen (originally the living room) - double window in dining room is only feature that didn't change
The result?  Well I'm pretty thrilled with it!  Can you believe it's the same space?  Look at the double window in the dining room - it stayed the same, but everything else has changed!

The cabinets around the perimeter are white, with quartz countertops.  And the tile?  It's bold!  I wanted something to tie everything together and this did it beautifully.
Before - view from dining room to new kitchen.  Walls were removed and the addition was built on the other side of the double window
After - open to the staircase and living room 
The island is black, with a walnut butcher block top.  It includes some great storage space and a drawer microwave.

And one of my favorite features is the pantry.  This started life as the staircase in the original house, but we kept the staircase and extended the shelves to create some amazing storage.  Isn't it cool?
This was the staircase - see the diagonal line on the left?  We extended the steps to shelves
Finally, I have to mention the lobster painting.  Local artist Valerie Paul loaned me this original painting and I love the dramatic focal point it creates!  You may have seen her work featured at our local West Elm store.  It's fantastic!
So that's the kitchen!  There is a lot more to share, so stay tuned!  

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  1. What a great space. Bright, white, plenty of cupboards and roomy. I would be very happy prepping meals and entertaining in there. When will you be starting my kitchen?????


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