Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Kitchen Planning for the Centennial Cottage

Now that we have the basic framing in place, I'm finalizing the kitchen design to get the cabinetry ordered.   I started this design months ago - but as we got into demo and framing, we had to make some tweaks.  So it's still a work in progress!
I always tape out the future kitchen to see if in the space
Here's what we have so far.  As a reminder, we moved the kitchen to the middle of the house.  Why?  The old location was a bit cramped and right next to the toilet (never a good spot!).
And I loved the idea of standing at the kitchen sink and gazing at peeks of Casco Bay.  Somehow, it seems like that would make washing dishes a bit easier!!!
But the new location does have a couple of challenges.  It will have a major walkway through the room, so we need wide aisles.  It is next to the stairwell, so there isn't much space for upper cabinets.  We'll try to make up for that with lots of lower cabinets and a sizable pantry.  And of course we want a nice big island, with seating for four.

So here's the layout.  Lots of cabinetry, a curved island and a separate area for the fridge and pantry (makes it easy when you come home from the grocery store and need to unload all those bags!).

These renderings will give you a better idea - they're so realistic, it almost looks like a real room - a big change from my painters tape version above!  Isn't the curved island great for kids doing homework or to have a glass of wine while chatting with the cook?  And the bookcase next to the microwave is a great spot for cookbooks (my daughter uses a shelf in her kitchen for toy pots and pans for her toddler).

I had considered white oak cabinetry, but since the floor will be white oak, it seemed like that would be a lot of natural wood.  Instead, we'll use white cabinets around the perimeter and a black island with a butcher block top.

The rest of the countertops will be some sort of quartz - but I need to choose it in conjunction with the tile for the backsplash.  And that's where I'm stuck.  I've been to every tile store in town and can't make up my mind. The one I like at the moment is this one.  It's a bit bold, but I think it would be a wow!!  It does a great job of linking all the colors together, while still maintaining a neutral palette.

We'll have a suite of Thermador appliances and a stainless farm sink.  I haven't picked out the faucet yet, but it will probably be a tall professional style.  I'd like to do a valance in this Kravet fabric above the window.

Oh, and the pendants over the island remind me of Hershey kisses!!!  Aren't they great?

So that's all I have for now.  I'll continue to wrestle with tile and countertop selection, but since we don't even have walls yet, that can wait for another day!

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  1. Love it, very clean lines very efficient use of limited space. Good job!

  2. Looks great except for one thing …. placement of fridge next to wall. How does one open the left door of the fridge all the way?

    1. There will be a 5" 'filler' next to the refrigerator that will allow the door to open for the drawers to work!


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