Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Centennial Cottage - Project Update

SO MUCH PROGRESS!  We hit a couple of major milestones in the last few weeks, so it seems like a good time to give you some sneak peeks of our latest project.

As a reminder, we started with an 800 square foot house.  Building code setbacks allowed us to enlarge the house - but it had to be a long, narrow addition.  So we added a new living room, master suite and 3rd floor bonus room & deck.

Oh and we also installed the driveway last week, so we have a great place to park once winter snow and ice arrives.

Framing went quickly and last week the roof went on and the windows are in process.  That really makes it start to look like a house!
They are all wearing fall protection gear, but it freaks me out to see how they can walk across a roof!!
The 3rd floor deck is getting built and the rear of the house is taking shape.

While the roof went on, we added a skylight in the old upstairs hallway.  It's transformational - goodbye old dark hall!!

But the thing I was most  excited to see was how the  new open spaces look, now that we're connecting the old house to the new house.
Farwell old wall - hello open floor plan!
As they guys took the wall away, I realized just how big this first floor would be!!  The living room is big - and as you see the new sight lines, you realize how big this place is!
Views from living room to stairwell, kitchen and dining room
View from other end of the house, towards the living room
And when you stand at the kitchen counter facing the stairs and living room - you'll have this big open stairwell with sunlight flooding through from the 2nd and 3rd floor landing!

I know it seems odd to do it this early, but the gas fireplace went in last week, so it can be in place before drywall installation.  Now I just have to keep the glass front from getting broken!

Electrical in all getting done and we tested out a new bevel LED, to see if it would flood the whole fireplace wall with light - it's going to be great!

What started as the living room will now be the kitchen - and it's so much bigger than the original kitchen!

Upstairs, the guys started cutting away the new walkway from the old house to the new - and it's pretty great.  What a change from the old cramped 2nd floor.  Here was our starting point.
Original Hallway
And this is what it looks like now! 
Old hallway looking towards new addition
New hallway, looking towards original house
Is there more to do???  So much more!  But at long last, it's starting to feel like a house and it's pretty exciting!  Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Wow, lots of progress. If it were me, I'd move the fireplace up off the floor. (now that you've got it installed already, sheesh) We had a raised hearth in our first house and did it again in our current house. Somehow it makes the fireplace easier to see and enjoy. Just my 2 cents.


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