Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Farmhouse: Kitchen Before & After

One of the rooms that saw the most dramatic change - the kitchen.  I'm not sure when it was last updated, but with wallpaper, formica counters and paneled walls, I'm guessing sometime in the 70's.  And everything still worked well!  It was just dated - look at that wallpaper!  And the suspended ceiling!

So.....we set out to make some changes.  There were three things we focused on.  

First - utilize all the space.  That meant we needed to open up the little wall that separated the spaces within the room.  And while the wall was only 3 feet deep, it carried a major structural load.  So we installed a steel beam, to carry the load from above.

Since we were installing all new electrical and plumbing, we gutted the walls to make that easier - and allow us to add updated insulation.
Yup - it's a gut job!
Second - open up the kitchen to the rest of the living area.  We tore out the walls that created the corner around the refrigerator and door to dining room.  That made a world of difference to create sight lines from the front to the back of the house.
I love that you can see all the way from the front door to the back door!!!  What a change! 

Third - create a connection with the fantastic backyard.  We installed french doors to a big new mahogany deck.  This creates a huge new living space, seamlessly connecting the indoors and outdoors.
Back wall of kitchen - just one window to enjoy the backyard view!
And the deck is the perfect place to hang out on a beautiful day!

In the kitchen, we utilized reclaimed wood that came from this 1925 house.  The 'X' accents on the island are studs from the walls we removed.  

The back of the mud bench and the stove hood - are old barn board sheathing that was on the front porch.

And the open shelving is made from wall studs that we removed.
Oh - and what do you think of the antique iron fireback, that I incorporated into the backsplash??? 

And the result of all that hard work?  Well I'll let you decide.  What do you think?  Is this a kitchen you'd want to spend time in?

Cabinetry - Thomasville Cabot Dover
Pottery Bowls and Polka Dot Utensil Holder - LuLu Ceramics
Pendant over Island - Ariel by Wayfair
Canisters - Pottery Barn
Open Shelf Hardware - Etsy Designs2Create
Handmade Spanish Subway Tile - APE Dynamic Neutro from Paul G White

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  1. It is stunning, as always. I love how you update your homes for the future while honoring their history. And that kitchen tile is gorgeous!

  2. Laurel you always do a fantastic job. Love how you incorporated the reclaimed wood from the house into the design. Whoever buys this is very fortunate.

  3. As always I love everything you did... the house looks amazing, and if I was moving to SoPo, I'd be all over this! :-) The thing I've wanted to ask a couple of times now because I just can't get it out of my mind is about a decor item. You have what looks like a metal or tin house on your open shelves... is that a knick knack you had waiting to be used, or is that an item available somewhere for purchase? And if it's local only to ME, I'm hoping in my car for the 2 hour drive to come get it (and then stopping in at Holy Donuts for a splurge!). Thanks!

    1. Ha ha - I have an odd fascination with houses 😀😄. When we lived in Amsterdam I bought a lot of the tall narrow ones and have them all over my own home. The one you reference came from Crate & Barrel, but probably 5-6 years ago. Not sure that they still make it.

      But a stop at Holy Donut is always a good idea!


  4. Thanks Laurel!!! I have the same fascination with houses! They're all over my home... I really don't need another one, but that one is just so cute!!! Probably a good thing it isn't available... I have no idea where I would have put it!! :-)


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