Thursday, September 6, 2018

Coming Soon - The Farmhouse

The 1925 Farmhouse - Before
Five months ago, we started work on this 1925 beauty.  It was a well maintained home, but was ready to be updated.
The Farmhouse today
It had a very compartmentalized floor plan with lots of rooms, wallpaper  and paneling (lots and lots of wallpaper!),
The Farmhouse - Before Photos

Bathroom Before
and dated finishes.

And while the house has a big, private backyard, there wasn't a great outdoor living area.
Outdoor Living Space - Before

Courtyard Today

We set out to change all that.  And it was a challenge!  We removed several walls to create a bright, open floor plan.

Now the house has a nice big kitchen, that looks out over the brand new deck.

The electrical is getting finished this week and I'm over the moon about the light fixtures!  Some are pretty funky, but wait till you see them in the finished space!

The new gas fireplace was just completed and it's looking good.  I can't wait to figure out how to decorate the mantle!

Oh, and look at the new home office, with it's arched, antique doors.

We also added a first floor master suite, with a wall of closets and a luxurious bath.  It's still in process, but I'll have photos soon.

Upstairs, there are 3 more bedrooms and a large family bath.  There are so many things still in process, but here is a sneak peek (from very creative camera angles, so it looks done!).

And with the addition of a large new mahogany deck and a private courtyard, there is a wealth of outdoor living space, overlooking the large backyard.
Large new mahogany deck overlooking private backyard

This tiny little boiler heats the entire house at 95.5% efficiency!
But most importantly, we did the critical behind the scenes work.  A brand new high efficiency, gas fired boiler, updated wiring, structural updates, insulation and lots of new plumbing.

The furniture has arrived, but I can't do much staging until the last few details are completed.  So stay tuned, there are many updates coming soon!
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  1. Replies
    1. True!!d Although it's 5 months of hard work to get to the 'fun' part!

  2. Will never get over the analytical brain vs the creative brain you have! Amazing with a phenomenal outcome! Can't wait to see the reveal.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words. I can't wait to get this one pulled together, it's going to be wonderful!

  3. What do you do with all the staging items? Do you sell them with the house?

    1. Sometimes the buyers want a few of the pieces, but the majority go back into my storage unit. You see the same IKEA Ektorp sofa in every house.....I just have different covers!

  4. Ah ok. You're storage unit must be a treasure trove! :)

  5. Those arched doors have so much old house character. The perfect touch!


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