Monday, May 28, 2018

Vintage Colonial: Kids Bedrooms and Hall Bathroom

I love decorating children's rooms and this home was particularly fun!

The front bedroom got a dramatic change when we opened up the doorway that led to the attic.  The addition of this space and the extra window really transformed the room.  We also added a closet (oddly, it didn't have one before) and the built in shelving.

Eliminating the wall & door to let the additional window be part of the bedroom made it so much brighter!!

The charming dog artwork?  Was done by my friend Julie out of her shop Earth Angel Arts.  She used the dog theme duvet as inspiration and created these great paintings!


The back bedroom isn't large, but it's such a sweet room.  After more hours than I care to remember stripping wallpaper and what seemed like hundreds of upholstery tacks (seriously, what were they for???),

we painted the walls, added a custom radiator cover and decorated the room with a nautical theme.

 We had to take 2 feet from this closet wall to expand the bathroom - but it didn't have much impact on the bedroom.

And the biggest change?  The new bathroom at the top of the stairs.

This is the space that was turned into the new hall bathroom

We stole a little space from the back bedroom, as well as this former landing space and the linen closet - all to create a bright new bathroom.  Doesn't it sound simple?  It was actually a huge challenge involving moving doors, the window, steam radiators and all new plumbing/fixtures.  But, it was worth it.  It makes a huge difference in the house for a future family.

A glass tile feature stripe really brightens up the room!
All in all, the house now has 3 great bedrooms, lots of closets as well as two full baths.  A real plus for modern living! Pin It


  1. When I look at these bedrooms, they just make me feel happy. The colors are so cheerful! Who wouldn't want to play and wake up in a bedroom like one of these? You really are so talented. I also love the pictures from the artist. It just pulled it all together.

  2. What wall color was used in the girls room? Is it SW Crisp Linen? Thank you!


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