Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Custom Features Make All the Difference!

Dining Room Workshop
I'd like to think that custom touches are a hallmark of our projects.  And we've really taken that to heart on this project.  The guys have been busy and it's making such a difference!

One of the focal spots in the house is the dining room.  A key part of the design is custom wainscoting around the walls.  It's a big job, as they biscuited each section together (we used MDF, to minimize any shrinking/expanding from changes in weather).  With the addition of trim at the top and inside of each section, it looks pretty fantastic.
Wainscoting around Dining Room walls

To give you an idea of the carpentry skill that goes into this project, check this out. The giant bay window features a gentle curved wall on either side of it.  It's an elegant feature that we didn't want to lose.  The guys custom made the wainscot trim to flow with the curve - requiring kerfing the wainscot and custom curves on the top rail.  Impressive!!

The paneled walls continue above the fireplace - framing the new sconces that we've added.  The bed molding that's used over each doorway is no longer commercially available.  So they made molding to match on-site, to top off the fireplace wall.

And we also created a little mud bench with a place to hang coats and dry mittens as you come in from the garage.  Once it's painted up, I'll be adding coat hooks, so it will be ready for use!

Foyer to Dining Room - Before
The new handrail and balusters to the 2nd floor are such a nice feature - so much better than the light blocking wall we started with - remember this before photo?

And the fir handrail ties nicely with the original kitchen floor.
Can you believe the difference????

Upstairs, the custom touches continue.  The guys built custom radiator covers throughout the house.  But in the master bedroom we took it a step further.  We created a built in window seat between the closets.  With the radiator directly below it, it's a cozy spot to relax!
Creating face frames for the radiator covers

In the front bedroom, we added a cute triangular bookcase, to provide some unique storage and display space.

So what do you think?  I know I love these details, but will the buyers appreciate all these custom elements?  
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  1. All these custom details are my favorite part! I think most buyers will really appreciate this attention to detail. I look forward to seeing it once it is finished.

  2. You have the best team of talented men. I love the details! I think that book case is just the neatest thing to take up the little spot. Fabalous work!

  3. Ooh love the style of moldings! I can definitely see this dining room furnished with some mahogany vintage dining room furniture! Very nice touch. :)

    1. Thanks!!! We're trying to balance classic with a bit of updates!!

  4. I know I would appreciate it!! This is exactly what I'm doing in our new old house right now (just wish I was actually a master carpenter - it might go a little quicker). I think these are exactly the details that make your homes so cozy and home-y and sell so quickly. I never think I can love a project more than the one you're currently working on... until the next one comes along and once again you work miracles and make me fall in love with another home again. I hope that some wonderful buyers get to raise their young family there. :)
    Thanks so much for all of your interesting and informative posts. I so enjoy reading them, following along and getting great ideas from you!

  5. I agree - people love detail and - you know - willing to pay more for. Thats what makes "their" home unique... Keep up the great work and keep posting - I am living my dream life through your posts....

  6. It all looks pretty nice Laurel, well done!

  7. I think this is my favorite house yet...but I often think that when you're working on a house but this time I REALLY mean it! My husband and I office from home so the office space would be the most perfect room for us. I LOVE all the custom details, it's what makes each home not a builder spec house. Now if only I can get my husband to understand why we need to move from Houston, TX to Maine and convince him he love cold weather!

    1. 😀 my husband was born and raised in New Orleans, But has sort of adjusted to the cold!!!

  8. Beautifully done. The craftsmen were very skilled obviously.


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