Tuesday, November 14, 2017

1960 Ranch Bathroom Renovation: Before and After

If you've been reading the blog for awhile, you probably remember the bathroom in the rancher.  It was pretty boring when we started -  with no natural light, it relied totally on artificial light.  And it had the added complication of plumbing criss-crossing the basement ceiling below - preventing us from finishing that space.

So, we decided to gut the space and start fresh (and we were able to donate usable items to Habitat for Humanity).  That would allow us to install all new plumbing and improve the layout.  

But I was still bothered by the lack of sunlight.  We briefly thought about adding a window in the shower - but that always seems a bit awkward.  So instead, we tried a Velux Sun Tunnel.  Wow, what a difference!  It's like having a light on all day long!
Look how bright it is with no artificial light!!  Velux Sun Tunnel 
And once we got the room all opened up, we realized that we could add more storage space above the basement staircase.  Added space for towels and toiletries is always a bonus!  Want to buy a giant package of toilet paper?  Go right ahead - you can store it in the back of this deep shelf.  Need a place for beach towels?  It's perfect!

I installed a carrera and bardiglio marble floor that I'd been lusting after for a long time.  Don't you love the updated look on the classic hexagon?

I just love the pattern and it's such a great foundation.  I used the same bardiglio in a small mosaic as a speed strip around the shower.

A white vanity with a carrera marble top works beautifully with the floor.  I love the bold 'X' pattern on the front and sides.  We added a simple pivot mirror and sconces to either side.
With all of the white in the room, I wanted to offset it with a soft blue on the walls.  Sherwin Williams Sleepy Blue looks great against the marble and white trim. 
I'm so pleased with the final bathroom.  If you only have one full bath in a house - you need to make it special!!

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Faucet - Wayfair Delta Dryden in Polished Nickel
Shower Curtain - Target
Tub & Toilet - American Standard Princeton Tub and Vormax Toilet
Sun Tunnel - Velux

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  1. You made this bathroom very special indeed! Adding the Velux tunnel was brillant along with all the beautiful choices in materials.

    1. Thanks Jamie - I'm really thrilled with the result!!!

  2. Very well done! I especially like the floor tiles and the towel niche.

  3. Laurel, I see that this house has just come back on the market. We're interested. I have two questions: is there air conditioning? And could gas be run for the stove or is that prohibitive?

    1. It’s a great house! It does not have air conditioning. There is gas in the street, I would image be CMP could give you an estimate. Or you could look into bottles gas!

  4. What flooring color is that fabulous carrara and bardiglio marble floor? I love it!


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