Thursday, October 19, 2017

Art Makes a Room Come Alive

This might seem odd, but I start thinking about the artwork for a room as soon as I start the design.  Why?  Because artwork brings color and style to a room - it creates instant ambiance.  
And since the Cozy Cottage was going to have large, dramatic walls, I wanted large, dramatic paintings.  I'd been drooling over the work of HLombardoArtist on Instagram and decided to reach out to her.  

I love her work.  It really captures the look and feel of Maine with her images of trees, water and islands.  Does her work look familiar to you?  That's because she did the cover of the summer LL Bean catalog!  You can also see her work at The Portland Art Gallery on Middle St.

And Holly was so amazingly helpful!  Not only did she lend me a couple of her beautiful paintings, but she let me pick the size and color palette that would work with the decor.  When she delivered them, I was blown away.  Isn't this fantastic in the space - before we even started furnishing it?

And once the furniture was in place, it set the mood for the whole room.  This painting really brightens up the space.
For the basement, she painted this large canvas called 'Morning Rocks'.  Doesn't it pull together all the colors and textures in the room?  I LOVE it!  
Want to see more of Holly's amazing paintings?  If you're local, visit Portland Art Gallery on Middle St in Old Port.  Or, you can check out her website.  

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  1. What color are the walls (behind the black couch)? Thank you - house is so great.

    1. It's a Sherwin Williams color called Downy. It gives just a bit of warmth against the white trim!

  2. Always love finding another one of your finished projects! From the snapshots, all looks wonderful. Wondering if and when you'll put up a full finished tour?! I'd love to see the entire house in it's complete form . . .

    1. I'm hoping to start sharing the before & afters next week. It's a bit time consuming to find the old photos, take new ones from the same angle, etc. I'll also have a very cool video walk through that should be available in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see it!


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