Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ugly Duckling - Before & After Front Bedroom

While the guys try and finish up the exterior of the house (without much help from Mother Nature!), I've been able to get a head start on staging.  I just finished up the front bedroom and thought it would be fun to share it.
Front Bedroom - Before
From what we could tell when we bought the house, this was a small, awkward room.  The ceiling was low  (particularly in the dormer - you had to duck to see out the window!) and there were just two small windows.
'After' Bedroom - higher ceilings, bigger room, larger windows

We changed all that!  We widened the room by several feet, by adding a hallway that used to run alongside the room.  We also raised the ceilings (including the dormer) and added two large windows across the front of the room.  Don't you like the little closet tucked into the angled ceiling?

Now, it's light and bright.  With a beautiful view of the hemlocks across the street.  

Isn't it charming?  

Rug - Dash and Albert Tangerine woven cotton run
Quilt - Target
Blue Lamp - Target
Simple Life Plaque - Earth Angel Arts, SoPo

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