Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Magic of Paint

Look at this beautiful carpentry and paint job!!
Have you heard the old saying 'Caulk & Paint - Makes Us What We Ain't'?  It's directed towards bad carpentry, because caulk can fill in bad joints and hide imperfections - certainly not something our carpenters need.  But there is still a certain magic that paint brings to a project, that really can't be beat.  Suddenly this house is starting to look like a home and the gleaming paint finishes make a big difference!

Remember the old ceiling that I wanted to maintain (click here for all the before photos)?  The one that took two weeks of carpentry and challenged the electricians and plumbers to find creative ways to run their lines?
Original ceiling, with new structural beam
Well, it's exceeded expectations.  It's the kind of detail that makes you say 'wow' as you walk in the front door.  All of the original joists have been painted white.  We installed new, super thin LED downlights in the bead board.  And the guys trimmed out the new structural beams with original, reclaimed lumber from the house.

Don't you love it?

The rest of the open floor plan is really taking shape.
And remember the antique mantle I found, that was the inspiration for the first floor?  Look at it now!

Our other 'wow' element, the island, has been painted Sherwin Williams Tidewater Blue and is a real focal point for the kitchen.  We'll be adding a walnut, butcher block top to accent the curved shape.

Here's the 'Before' photo of the wall that now goes to the mudroom.  A LOT has changed!  For the first time, you can start to see how much the new addition has added to the house.  See the mudroom doorway in the before & after pics?
'Almost' After
Front bedroom when we bought the house
 Oh, and the upstairs?  Well it's pretty great too!  Check out the front bedroom, with all its funky angles, courtesy of our 1906 architecture. We moved the windows, raised the ceiling, defined the dormer and added a cute closet.  Now it's an inviting, south facing room - with lots of nooks and crannies.

The back bedroom has lots of windows to let in light and fresh air (I can't show you a before photo - because this is part of the new addition).

And the master suite is really coming together.
We're getting close to the finish line!  But there are still lots of details to complete.  Stay tuned for a lot more photos on the blog, Facebook and Instagram

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  1. The house is beautiful. You're my favorite blog. I look forward to every update!

    1. Gee thanks Robert!!! Thanks so much for following along on our adventures!!


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