Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Design Inspiration - Mixing Upcycled Elements in a Warm, Cozy Setting

We were having lunch in a little café in Amsterdam, when I fell in love with this design approach.  There was something so cozy and gezellig about the place (Note:  gezellig is a Dutch word that doesn't translate simply to English, but means homey, warm, and inviting - particularly when getting together with friends and loved ones).  Let's face it, we all want our kitchen to be gezellig.

As I sat there eating my salad, I tried to inconspicuously take some photos (so please forgive the photo quality).  I want to take a few of these ideas for the kitchen on our next project.    Here's what I found that I want to try and incorporate.

White tile with aged wood accents.  I love the mix of the high white gloss tile, with the earthiness of the old wood.  These hanging bread baskets wouldn't really make sense in a home kitchen, but maybe we could do some kind of shelving unit!

And look at the reclaimed wood on the back of the island!  This wasn't the only element they up cycled.  The owners proudly showed off the recycled marble countertops that they installed.  Marble, it's a classic touch.

Cream colored woodwork.  I was surprised how much I like this.  Typically I would use white cabinets and woodwork with white tile.  But this cream color really brought out an added dimension in a monochromatic palette.

Oh, and are chalkboard walls passe' now?  I do like them in a kitchen.

Look at this brass faucet hook - isn't it great?  They had these for people to hang their coats in several spots around the cafe.

Chunky light fixtures.  Love the industrial down lights by the windows.

Hmmm.....you may be seeing some of these elements on our next project!

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  1. Love every bit of this! So warm and enveloping.

  2. This is exactly my style. I now found the name for it gezellig! Perfect! I love everything! Thank you for sharing this and your entire blog. It's fantastic :)


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