Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thank You For a BIG Milestone - 500,000 Views!

Wow, as we near our 3 year anniversary, we hit an amazing milestone.  Half a million views!!  Incredible!  Thanks so much to all of you that follow our adventures as we renovate and restore these wonderful old homes.

And because I'm addicted to stats, I thought I'd share a few with you:

Here are the top 10 cities that read the blog:
Interesting mix, don't you think?

The typical viewer reads 1.84 pages and spends 1 minute and 54 seconds on the blog.  And 42% of our readers are new new each month.

So, many, many thanks for your support.  We're working hard to complete our latest project and will continue to share the progress!  Stay tuned for another update this week!

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  1. That could be me in that blue dot down in Brazil. I've been down here since 2012 and due to return to Virginia in 2015.

    Love your work! A good eye for style and a bargain!

    1. Hello Brazil!!! Thanks for reading along. And yes, I do LOVE a bargain!

  2. Upstate NY, can't wait to see the house.

  3. WOW impressive stats! When you get REALLY famous some of us will be able to say we followed you 'back when'! Seriously, congrats and can't wait to see the latest.

  4. Sydney, Australia here. I just love the homes you create. Every time one comes up for sale, I wish I could sell up here and move to Maine. The answer, sadly, is no, but I can dream, right?

    1. Hello Sydney!! I saw on the news that there was snow down your way yesterday.......maybe your taste of Maine? Surely your weather is better than ours most of the time! But it's nice to know you'd like to move up our way! Thanks so much for following along on our adventures. We really appreciate it.


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