Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kitchen Progress!!!

The kitchen is coming together very quickly.  The guys got the cabinets installed in no time.  The crown molding and decorative trim elements took a little more time, but add those custom touches that make the kitchen look so nice.

As a reminder, here's the 'before' kitchen.  We kept a similar layout, but made it bigger, with more space for the cook.

We all love the key element of the design - a big peninsula that's situated beneath a large antique beam.  It's the perfect place to sit on a bar stool and chat with the chef!  We've also added extra tall cabinets, to provide lots of storage space.  And gleaming new stainless steel appliances.

Another feature of the design:  built-in display cabinets along one wall, with a cozy window seat in between them.  The cabinets will be lighted, with under cabinet lights to provide a bright work space.  And we topped the cabinets with butcher block countertops, to provide a furniture look to the built ins.

The rest of the kitchen has beautiful new granite counter tops.  I love watching the installation process.  Look at the giant slabs of stone they carry in to the house.  To assemble the slabs, they use a contraption they call the 'gorilla', which uses vibration and suction to level the large pieces of stone and provide a uniform line of adhesive to bond the sections together.

But my favorite feature in this new space?  We added a chalkboard to the far wall and framed it with some pieces of salvaged wood we took from the basement.  This is a great space to keep track of family 'to do' items or for whimsical drawings.  Can't wait to try it out!

This week the new light fixtures are going in.  We are using 4 layers of lighting in the kitchen.  1)  We added recessed lights across the ceiling.  2)  We added pendants for task lighting.  I can't wait to show you the Pottery Barn Accordion Pendant light over the peninsula!  3)  We'll also have under counter lighting to make it easy to see when you're doing food prep.  4) And last, but not least, we'll have bright halogen lighting under the exhaust hood.

We still need to get the backsplash and plumbing fixtures in, but it's really coming together quickly.  I hope to have finished photos for you next week!

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  1. I love your updated restorations!

    1. Thanks Terri - there's a lot more to come!!! I can't wait to get it done and share it :-)

      As always, thanks so much for following our adventures!

  2. You should know...I love love love every design choice you make! This is the third house of yours that ive been a lurker for and so far its turning out as amazing as I expected. Please, oh please, never remove this blog because it will be my number one inspiration source when we buy our first home! I really am in love especially with this new kitchen layout. Its going to be so cozy and intimate and exactly what I have in mind for my dream kitchen. I could almost picture my kids at the counter or curled up in the window seat as I cook. Sorry to gush so much...I just love it :)

    1. Wow! Thanks so much. I'm thrilled that you've gotten so much inspiration from our little projects. I always try to imagine how a family will use the home, but your description of kids curled up in the window seat is priceless!!!

      Thank you!!!


    2. Little projects, like major projects and great design choices, love it all.

  3. Fantastic, Laurel! I really liked the layout plan some posts back (commented under anonymous), and it is exciting to now see it becoming a real one. Looking forward to following your further progress!


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