Sunday, April 15, 2012

Progress Update

I'm starting to think my husband might be right (I hate when that happens!!!) and we might not be ready for the open house next weekend.... there is still a lot to be done.  That said, we hit some big milestones this past week:

Island with trim installed
The City came out to do the final inspections.  We got our Certificate of Completion and can throw away the permits!!!  Hooray!!

Now that the floors are done, we got to finish up the trim molding in the kitchen, added the details (check out the brackets on the island and bun feet on the hutch), and installed the pulls/knobs.  Looking good!

We had the place cleaned from top to bottom.  It was so great to get all the fine dust from the floor sanding out of the house.  And the new windows are sparkling once again.

Restored Stained Glass Window
The restored stained glass window got reinstalled.  We replaced the purple glass with a swirled white/clear pattern.  And the orange is replaced with amber/white.  It lets more light into the stairwell, while maintaining privacy.  We left the original wavy glass that was in the middle.  That's part one - now I have to do the other one.

The bathroom is coming along, but we hit a snag when we tried to reattach the radiator. involved taking up some of the marble floor, digging through old flooring, reinstalling the flooring, etc....but we finally got it fixed.  Now we just need to get everything else finished in this room.

Radiator in Dining Room Bay Window
The furniture has been delivered, so we can start staging the interior.  But before we can set up too much, we need to finish the last of the trim painting.  And since they warned us not to do the baseboards until after the floor sanding was done - we have a lot of trim painting to do!  Oh - and Richard finished building the radiator covers for the living room and dining room.  They add a nice touch to both rooms.

So what's left to do?   We have the laundry list of little things.....install the freshly polished doorknobs, touch up all the paint from the floor sanding, install the shoe molding, install all the knobs in the kitchen, install towel racks/toilet paper holders, etc., etc., etc....  And little things have a way of taking a lot of time.  Will we be able to get it done in time for an Open House next weekend?  Stay tuned, we'll make the decision later this week.

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  1. are doing an incredible job! is this the same house as shown in your header pic?
    love all your decor in that photo...just stunning!

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words! The header photo is our own home....but we hope when we get this one staged it will look just as nice. Still lots to be done!!

  3. My girlfriend owned the home of the before Pictures. Given her limited income, she kept it the best she could. Dreary as it may seem, there are many wonderful memories. Even POOL time fun when it was up and running, the yellow and purple 3rd floor colors was the choice of a 20 year old girlie girl. Loved that home.

  4. We love the home as well (my husband keeps saying we should move there!). It's obviously been well maintained over the years and gave us a great solid structure to work with. Colors and wallpaper are a whim of fashion - we have all had something that we thought looked great at one point, but when styles change we can't believe we picked it out. Maybe I should do a blog post on my old wallpaper choices - some seem so ugly now!!! But I thought they were beautiful at the time. And thanks for solving the color mystery!!


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